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Register for Tournament

Registration is now open for the April 29, 2023 tournament. It is strongly preferred that players be registered by 6pm the night before a tournament, which allows us to verify that all steps have been completed and make any adjustments to the tournament format. We cannot guarantee that players who register at the last minute or do not follow the registration process below will be able to participate. 

Step 1: Register with

Visit and register for an account, if you do not have one already. You will need your Lichess username to register for WISCL tournaments. Please note each player must have their own account; no family or shared accounts. Do not create multiple accounts. 

Step 2: Join the WISCL Team

Go to the WISCL page at Lichess and click on "Join Team".

If you participated in a previous online WISCL tournament, you may be able to skip this step. Once we have received the Event Registration (Step 3) with a matching user name, we will approve you to join the team. 

Step 3: Register for the Tournament

You must register for the tournament using the above google form ("Register Now"). Players who have requested to join the WISCL team on Lichess but who have not completed the registration form will not be able to access the tournament. 

Step 4: Practice

Visit prior to the day of the tournament and familiarize yourself with the website and format. Try a couple practice games. This is especially helpful if you have not played online chess before.

Step 5: Get the Password

The night before the tournament (@10pm), we will email you a password. A message will be sent to the player on Lichess as well, unless the account has messaging disabled. If you have password issues, email or message wisclchess or chessmom41 on Lichess.

On Tournament Day

Visit the WISCL team page on Lichess or Click Here to join the tournament. Players should join the tournament 15-30 minutes before it begins. Enter the password which was emailed/messaged to you.


The first round will be paired automatically by the Lichess system right at the tournament start time (9:00). If you are late, you will not be paired, but can still play in subsequent rounds. Rounds 2, 3, & 4 will begin five minutes after all games of the previous round have finished.

Withdrawing from the Tournament

If you registered for the tournament but are not able to play, we would appreciate a quick email to

Once you have "joined" the tournament on Lichess on Saturday morning, if you need to leave or skip a round, make sure to click on the "Withdraw" button. You will be able to come back into the tournament, and will be paired as long as you re-join before the next round begins. 

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